Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I pick into my own bucket?
A. Absolutely, just be sure to have your bucket pre-weighed at our blueberry
barn, so we know how much to subtract for your bucket weight.

Q. Do I need to bring containers to take my blueberries home?
A. Most people do, but we do sell blueberry boxes at our cost of 50 or 75 cents,
depending on the size.

. Are children welcome?
A. Well behaved and supervised children are always welcome!  We do not
tolerate berry throwing.  We expect children to stay with their parents and not
wander in the fields.  Nothing upsets your fellow pickers more than children
wandering and picking only the large berries right ahead of them.

Q. What do I do when I arrive?
A. Park in the parking lot then stop at the blueberry barn.  One of us will guide
you to the appropriate row.

Q. What is your typical season?
A. Every year is different, due to the weather, but our typical season is early July
through Sept.  We have 14 different varieties which allows us to have a long
picking season.  

Q. How do I freeze blueberries?
A. Do not wash first.  Pour into zippered freezer  bag and put in freezer. Washing
the fruit before freezing can make the berries tough.  I just rinse them before
using.  If you choose to wash berries before freezing, make sure they are dry
before freezing.  I also double bag them to protect against freezer burn.  (You will
often read that you should freeze blueberries on a cookie sheet and then pour
into freezing containers.  For some reason, these articles want to make more
work for you.   There is no reason to freeze blueberries on a cookie sheet.  They
freeze like marbles if you just pour them into a zippered bag and freeze.)

Q. How do I store blueberries?
A. Use a rigid plastic container (Tupperware or similar) line the bottom with
several layers of paper towels.  Pour in dry blueberries.  Put several more layers
of paper towels on the top, seal and refrigerate.  Every time you open the
container to remove berries, replace the top paper towels.  The enemy of long
storage is moisture and condensation in the container.  The paper towels absorb
the condensation.

Other helpful hints:
  • Don't wear sunglasses when picking.  You may find what looked blue in the
    field is not that blue when you get them home.