From Midland:  Just 15 minutes from the Midland Mall.  Take US 10 north, exit on M-30, go 2 ½ miles to Dague
Road, turn left and go 2.1 miles to Beard’s LakeView Farm,  4413 Water Road,  Sanford, MI.,  989-689-6571.  

From Gladwin County:  
Take M30 South from M61 to Edenville.  From Edenville go 4 miles south on Water Rd.  Water Rd is a right turn
across from Edenville Market.

Take M18 to Curtis Rd.  Turn East (left).  Go 5 miles.  Turn South (Right) onto Water Rd.  (Immediately  after crossing the
bridge).  Go 4 miles.  We are on the right.

OOPS- we didn't expect the warm weather we have been having and berries have ripened.  
We will reopen for  one last day, Saturday, Sept. 16 from 1 pm -7 pm
.  Berries are smaller
than the beginning of the season, but many bushes are loaded.  Our price is $1.89/lb.  We
do not accept debit or credit cards.

Please check ahead as we can get picked out and have to close for a day of ripening. Our website, Facebook and
answering machine (989-689-6571) are updated nightly at 9 pm.

You are welcome to pick into your own buckets or ours. If you bring your own bucket, be sure to have us
preweigh your container so we know how much to deduct.

phone number: 989-689-6571
E-MAIL: (please no spam) (to send an e-mail delete "please no spam"
prior to sending.  Also, it is helpful if you put Blueberry in the subject line.
Please be aware during our busy blueberry season we do not check our e-mail daily
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