Welcome to our Blueberry Site.  We sell
blueberries only as U-pick.  We do not
sell pre-picked berries. So-you will
never pick after a commercial crew or a
machine harvester!

We offer chairs in the field to make your
picking a comfortable experience.

We offer buckets for you to pick into,
but you can also pick into your own
buckets.  We are very happy to
pre-weigh your own buckets so we
know how much to subtract for your
bucket weight.

You may wish bring containers to take
your blueberries home.  Otherwise we
do sell blueberry boxes at our cost of 50
or 75 cents, depending on the size.

Blueberry season is typically July through
early Sept.  Our price is $1.79/lb.

Ask us about our awesome honey, made
by the happy bees that pollinate our
blueberry bushes!


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